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A local clinic at your service !



Veterinary doctors Mallet Mathilde, Jacquesson Thibault and Daphné Chaumont receive you in consultation from Monday to Saturday by appointment only.

Make an appointment online!

or by phone on 01 46 27 85 63

In case of emergency, please contact us before your arrival at the clinic.


The Championnet veterinary clinic also has its little companions on a daily basis. You can meet them on each of your visits.

The goal? Appease your animals.

Our environment has been designed to reduce the stress of your companions. Seeing animals at ease in a veterinary environment will motivate them to emulate this behavior, which is what we call "behavioral synchronization". They will be able to interact with them, for their greatest pleasure!

Our cats are also very cuddly and will surely come to purr around you in exchange for a few hugs!







Monday to Friday : 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The s amedi: 8:30 am to 18h without interruption.










The "animal-friendly" approach is part of the DNA of our clinic. The members of our team are trained so that each animal is treated with the most benevolence and expertise possible, with the constant concern for its well-being.

We make sure to create in our clinic a pleasant environment for you, but especially for your animals, to make each consultation a pleasant one (Zen atmosphere, soothing music, treats, toys, catnip, plaids, adapted rooms ... .)

The goal is for your pet to remember it well and not dread the next meeting. For our teams, an animal relaxed at its veterinarian's is also an animal more easily handled when it is sick, which facilitates the development of a precise diagnosis.

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Our services

Nutrition and laboratory

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Our prices

Consultation 45 €

NAC consultation 35 €

CHPPILR vaccination consultation 70 €

RCP vaccination consultation 65 €

CPRPL vaccination consultation 86 €

Vaccination consultation RCP FELV RAGE 90 €

RAGE vaccination consultation 55 €

Piroplasmosis vaccination consultation € 80

Electronic identification 76 €

Passport 25 €

Behavioral consultation (1h) 200 €

Male cat castration From 100 € on estimate

Female cat ovariectomy From 175 € on estimate

Dog castration From 240 € on estimate

Bitch ovariectomy     From 380 € on estimate

Cat descaling     From 186 € on estimate

Dog descaling     From 230 € on estimate

Radiography (unit)     From 55 € on estimate

Abdominal ultrasound 155 €

Osteopathy on request

Pre-operative consultation customer follow-up 35 €

Cat hospitalization per 24 h 75 €

Dog hospitalization per 24 hours € 95

NAC hospitalization per 24h 55 €

Other surgeries on request

Rodent dental filing 70 €

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3 passionate vets

Notre équipe

Our team

of ASVs and Vets

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A team of three veterinarians and two ASVs present to treat your little ones, advise you and reassure you. We offer on-site general consultations, surgeries, x-rays, dietetics, ultrasounds, etc. We can also perform biological analyzes.

Do not hesitate to contact us to establish a specific quote adapted to your request. We are at your disposal to best meet your needs.

Our expertise


Graduated from the Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School

Former surgical intern at ENV Alfort

Has worked for 15 years as a surgeon and consultant specializing in surgery in more than 30 veterinary clinics in Ile-de-France.

With more than 800 annual surgeries, he brings to the Championnet clinic his experience in soft tissue surgery, orthopedics and neurosurgery.

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In charge of training in surgery at the center of Juvisy (ASV training) and provides conferences and practical training for veterinarians.

Dr Bruno David BENAIM


Graduated from the veterinary school in Nantes

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Additional training at the Alliance clinic in Bordeaux, followed by fifteen years of practice.

Certificate of Advanced Studies, Veterinarian in Internal Medicine of Companion Animals.

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Specialized studies certificate in dermatology, training in abdominal ultrasound, and five years of practice in Paris.

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Has been practicing at Clinique Championnet since October 2018. I receive your animals for internal medicine consultations (general and specialized). I also provide dermatology consultations and abdominal ultrasounds.

Dr Mathilde Mallet


Diplômé en 2014 de la faculté de médecine vétérinaire de  Liège en Belgique.

Travaille  comme vétérinaire  dans différentes régions depuis 7 ans. 

Pratique en activité mixte (canine et rurale).

A rejoint la Clinique vétérinaire Championnet depuis Novembre 2021.​ 

"Je reçois vos animaux avec bienveillance pour tout type de consultation (médicale ou chirurgicale)."

Dr Julien DOULET

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